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    If you love an extrovert and happen to be a little introverted, or just a bit different, here are some pointers about what is going on.

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    I also tend to use this helpful page a lot, which explains every command nicely.I got one from Olimex, this model You'll have to find a reseller for your country though; in NL that's software for programming the chips using the MCP-USB, I use the program 'picp'; I use the very popular program Eagle ( but I'm still looking for somethin else because it's not open source.Let us look at a digitised photography in a media-archaeological way.Phenomenologically its image quality (provided that the sampling rate has been sufficient) looks more or less like the analogue original, but chrono-technically it embodies a totally different essentiality.The one cares for preserving the physical, especially chemical and electro-magnetic properties of the physical and chemical storage medium (all media are material in the first place).The other, somewhat opposing approach is to preserve medium-based memory as information, up to the extreme point of view that the material body might be abolished after its essential transformation into its pure binary information units: "We no longer collect the carriers, clay tablets, books or floppies, just the information".Grown developed Cress Today- an advanced indoor garden system that lets you grow cress fast, all year round.An automatic water supply and special LED lights makes Cress Today easy to use, even for those without a green thumb, and lets you grow your own mini-herbs and superfoods right on your kitchen counter.

    The evening at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam starts with a screening of Cindy Kerseborn’s documentary ‘Edgar Cairo: (2011), about the life and work of this writer, poet, painter and performer.Even if it is subject to physical and chemical entropy, the analogue photographic print remarkably endures, while its digital version is a function of data arrays which need to be electrically powered or even refreshed permanently.While the analogue print is embedded in physical time, the digital image reveals its processual character and is thus generated by its own internal temporal mechanism (oeprative algorithms); it has to be re-generated out of computer storage.Eén lezing is dat de kunstenaar wil laten zien dat anonimiteit in het Facebooktijdperk niet bestaat. Een andere mogelijkheid is dat het blauwe oog van Zuckerberg staat voor de felle kritiek op het bedrijf en Zuckerbergs zelfgenoegzame lach het tandeloze karakter van die kritiek verbeeldt: ondanks het geklaag blijft iedereen Facebook tóch gebruiken.Hoe dan ook, het werk roept veel associaties op, zoals de meeste werken die zijn tentoongesteld op de prachtige expositie in Mediamatic in Amsterdam.

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